© Freak

They pushed and shoved him

Never loved him

The bullies pummeled

And fist and gloved him


They called him coward

Nerd and geek

They treated him

Just like a freak


They spit and threw

All that they could

They cursed and slandered

And beat him with wood


You know there’s only

So much one man can take

Their eyes grew big

As he started to break!


He pulled out his Ouija

And casted his spell

By the look in his eyes

He seen remanence of hell


“Bring hell to earth

And make them pay

But let them live

To see another day”


He repeated over and over again

For the rest of existence he wanted revenge

“I am not a freak that you made me to be”

Though your wish did come true, now rain down misery


Let sleeping dogs lie

Or consequences may come

Breathe in and breathe out

We should all live as one