© The Unforgotten Tale (Black Rose)

The rose that burns before my eyes

Will soon my friend again arise

My soul it burns with strong desire

To find who lit the rose on fire


My life has been a tragic waste

I do not bleed, but blood I taste

The rose was black, like night my child

Like the stallion I rode, when I was wild


The sun’s no more, the earth I see

Will linger in my memory

When I am gone, please carry on

And journey till the quest is done


This magic seed that seems be stilled

Was once the rose that evil killed

My fondest wish I now behold

The rose it grows so true and bold


And black as night, just like it was

And give it light, and give it love

If tales were told about the thorn

I’ll tell you one, but do be warned


The rose it burned, so big and high

That reached into the mystic sky

The world it shook, the sky went black

The children cried, and the moon it cracked

I feared this once, but I never knew

That a sky so black, was once so blue

The fate you see is in your hand 

So go my son, and make a plan


The rose it grows one day again

But only you will know just when

And when it does, all that you see

Will only be a memory

This is the poem that started the whole journey. If you like it and want to read more please get a copy of my books.